Q Codes for
Digital Operation

The following are the recommended Q-Codes for Digital Operations.

While Q-Codes were developed to improve efficiency and reduce bandwidth for CW operations (the original digital mode), they have the same benefit for all digital communications. Below is an abbreviated list of Q-codes that can be useful for digital nets and operations. For a complete list of all Q-Codes see ARRL form FSD-218 on the ARRL website under "Forms."

QN == Q-Codes specifically for Net Operations      Note: * = NCS use only

QN - Meaning
Answer in prearranged order.
All net stations Copy.
I have a message for all net stations.
Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).
Net is Free (not controlled).
Your frequency is High.
* Net stations report In.
I am reporting into the net. (Follow with a list
or traffic or QRU).
Your net frequency is Low.
* Net control station is _____
What station has net control?
* Following Stations are in the net. (list)
? Request list of stations in the net.
Zero beat your signal with mine.

A Q signal followed by a ? asks a question.
A Q signal without the ? answers the question affirmatively, unless otherwise indicated.

Two other "codes" will often be used. At the end of a transmission the operator will often use:
KK - - - "End of transmission" No specific reply anticipated.
AR - - - "Over to you." Indicating a reply is expected.

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