Information for 911 Calls

The following list is to help you to provide the information the 911 Call person will need to get the correct help on the way as soon as possible. It is important to have as much information as possible and having it in sequence will speed the help. If you are on a cell phone, state which city and where in that city, you are, as the first things you say!

  1. Criteria for calling 911:
    1. Save a life.
    2. Report a fire.
    3. Stop a crime.

  2. Reporting a home incident:
    1. What (fire, person not breathing, person bleeding, etc.) If it is a fire, evacuate first then call.
      • If a person - age, sex and approximate condition
    2. Where (address)
    3. Weapons (gun, knife, etc. or NO weapons)
    4. Drugs/Alcohol or none

  3. Reporting an accident:
    1. Where (what city, what intersection on what road/street)
    2. Injuries (how many and what type (bleeding, walking around, unconscious, etc.)
    3. How many vehicles
    4. Color of vehicles
    5. Exact location (what side of the intersection/street and traffic lane)

  4. Reporting a vehicle (reckless driver, possible drunk, etc.)
    1. Color of vehicle
    2. Year
    3. Make
    4. Body style
    5. All Other (body damage, added lights, roll bars, etc.)
    6. License Number
    7. State

  5. Describe a Person
    1. Race (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.)
    2. Sex (ONLY valid answers are Male/Female)
    3. Age (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.)
    4. Height (in feet and inches - as accurately as you can)
    5. Weight (in lbs. - as accurately as you can)
    6. Hair (Color and - balding, long, short, pony tail etc.)
    7. Facial Hair (beard, mustache etc.)
    8. Glasses
    9. Hat (type, color)
    10. Shirt (color, style)
    11. Coat
    12. Pants
    13. Shoes
    14. Weapons (knife, revolver, semi-auto, shotgun, etc. and how/where carried)
    15. Transportation (car, bicycle, truck, on foot, etc.)
    16. Direction of travel (north, south, east, west, etc. from what address)