J-Pole Antennas

Updated Links - 10/14/10

One of the easiest portable 2M antennas to build for ARES/RACES work is the 300 Ohm Twin-Lead J-Pole antenna. It can be rolled into a very small coil for transportation and storage yet perform almost like a 1/2 wave dipole. Claims of antenna gain range from 2.4 dbi (1/2 wave dipole) to 5.1 dbi, depending on who you wish to listen to. I'm skeptical - I believe it is more like a good 1/4 wave ground plane. The radiation pattern is omni directional and very much like a 1/4 wave antenna with an excellent ground plane.

The simplest description I have found is documented at WB3GCK's site, while the most comprehensive dissertation is at W4RNL's site.

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300 Ohm twin-lead

I have seen this basic diagram in at least five different sites. I do not know who did the original, but there are variations in several of them. The dimentions here seem to work as well as any (diagram is not to scale [duh]).

Copper pipe "J"