Horse feathers.

I think there is virtually no one reading this that has not heard someone whine or yell at the top of their lungs that they "have their rights". But do they really have rights?

Where did those "rights" come from? Are they God granted? All we have to do is look at the carnage world wide to see they are not God granted. If not God granted, then from where do these "rights" come? From our society. Our society grants us these many "rights" -- with reasonable expectation -- that WE will grant those same rights to others by our words and actions. It's the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" that actually grants us our rights. That means simply that anyone knowingly disregarding our laws and knowingly ignoring the rights of others, should not really have any "rights" at all.

This includes everyone, from first generation to tenth generation, born in the US or immigrated. It is only when WE grant the "rights" we so like to claim, to others, that we actually earn our own rights. Our laws are the reasonable expectation of OUR society, telling us what WE must do to have "rights". Why do so many people fail to understand that?

Here on Memorial Day we should spend time thinking about the thousands upon thousands of American Citizens that have died to protect OUR rights. Not just our soldiers but also the law enforcement people who go out on a daily basis to protect us.

Those individuals that insist on "their rights" without a willingness to accept the responsibilities that grant us those rights, need to find another country to live in.

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