Not Politicly Correct
EC Training

For "experienced" Emergency Coordinators that are more interested in perpetuating the "good ol' boy" club or those that are just too stupid to learn from their peers, we have the not so politically correct EC information.

If you recognize yourself in any of these, you need to either quit your assignment as EC or go in for a frontal lobomy. Or is it that you have already had the lobotomy and nothing changed?

  1. If you are the EC, you damned well better be able to teach ALL of the Basic/NCS ECom   and do it by example     or you are just an example of yet another screw up by the "good ol' boyz".
  2. DON'T profusly praise those that screw up! You are teaching them that there is no consequence for screwing up, and the real screw up is you! WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO TRAINING MATERIAL WHEN YOU'VE PRAISED THEIR WRONGS AS RIGHT!   If they screw up, thank them for their time (every one deserves that) and then ignore them until they are ready to listen to the training.
  3. If all you as EC know how to do is ATV, ditto reason number 1.
  4. If, after several years as an EC you still cannot handle the planning for events like the MS-150, what the hell are you doing calling yourself an EC? Your job is to plan and coordinate the event(s), NOT to get your face in front of someone you hope will further your Monday through Friday "career".
  5. The time for a person to learn how to run a net is LONG before you appoint them your new Net Manager!   If they are a screw-up as NCS they are not suddenly going to improve. Remember, a new appointment is like a promotion - it MUST be given for good work, not just for showing up.
  6. If you appoint someone to a post and after a full year they are still screwing up that job, find them some meaningfull work they can handle, like picking up pieces of paper after the net.