Gun Numbers

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The following information is from a number of different sources. One major source is the Bureau of Justice Statistics (U.S. Department of Justice).

Read and draw your own conclusions.

One statistic that Sarah Brady will love is that Homicides by handgun have steadily dropped since the implementation of the Brady Bill in March of 1994. The 1999 total has come down 42% from the 1994 total (Yes, the year of implementation was the highest homicide by handgun rate in recent history). All of this while there were 12,740,000 handgun sales between 3/1/94 and 11/29/98. During the first month of the permanent provision of the Brady bill, 892,840 background checks were conducted. Or more simply, the total number of firearms (legally) in the United States has increased by more than 10% while the violent crime rate has been reduced by 40%. (and the media tells us that John R. Lott [More Guns, Less Crime, 1998] is wrong. Must be, for the media tells us so.)

Media Bias and those who play to the media.

CCW (Concealed Cary Weapon)

  • 100 out of 1 million - The number of CCW holders in Florida that have had their CCW revoked for cause. That is more law abiding that almost any other measure.
  • Unanimous and 94 to 20 - The votes by the Florida State Senate and House of Representatives (respectivly) to pass the new Florida law that states you do not have to try and escape if you are being attacked. You may, if you think you are about to sustain serious injury or death, use lethal force to defend yourself!
  • 2 - CCW permits in Hawaii prior to a negative newspaper report.
  • 1 - CCWs in Hawaii after the report when the police chief's sister was deleted from the rolls.
  • 44 - States with "shall issue" CCW laws
  • 12 - States with "no permit required" CCW laws
  • 3 - States with "Discretionary-Reasonable use" CCW laws
  • 5 - States with "No-Right-to-Carry" CCW laws and four of those will not issue AT ALL!
  • 19.5 % - Texas CCW holders that are female.
  • 92.62 - Percentage of respondants to a poll who said "Yes" to the question: "Do you believe that allowing people to carry concealed weapons reduces crime?"

NICS related

  • 8,400,000 - NICS background checks run in 2000. Down almost 9% from 1999 total (remember Y2K?)
  • 1.4 Per Minute - Number of guns sold in California during the final days of 1999, in anticipation of a new batch of restrictive laws going into effect 1/1/2000 (If you roll in the entire 50 states then it is one gun sale every 4 seconds (24 hours/day) - Nation wide - during that time).
  • 67,000 - one day total of background checks on December 23, 1999. (that is one gun sale every 1.3 seconds for the entire 24 hour period).
  • 536,000 - Total number of gun sales blocked by the NICS check, of the 22,200,000 applications between 3/1/94 and 12/31/99.
  • Less than .1% (Yes - that is point one percent). Total percentage of people - rejected by the NICS check - prosecuted for attempting to illegaly purchase a gun since NICS was started. MOST of those people broke the law. Why were they not prosecuted?
  • Less than 2 percent - Percentage of convicted criminals that used a gun in the commision of their crime that got the gun from a flea market or Gun Show (Source - Bureau of Justice Statictics)
  • 80% - The percentage of convicted criminals that used a gun in their commission of a crime that stole or illegally purchased that gun.(Source - Bureau of Justice Statistics).


  • 99 - Children killed by automobile airbags (mandated by the federal government since 1993).
  • 82 - Number of children killed in school shootings since 1993.
  • 3 - Percent of firearm incidents that were unintentional.
  • $25,700,000 - Federal excise tax paid by ammo makers in the first quarter of 1999.

  • 177 - Number of shooting, hunting and safety programs from the NRA
  • 47% - Decrease in unintentional deaths by gunfire from 1993 to 1998. Source: Center for Disease Control (anti-gun)
  • $10 Million - Funds made available by the Clinton administration for research in "smart gun" technology
  • 30 - Number of the 35 "Million Mom March" staff laid off for "lack of funds". The twenty thousand that called themselves one million seem not too eager to financially support the effort.
  • 24 - Number of state legislatures that have enacted preemption laws to keep their cities from filing lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
  • 57 - Percentage of Americans that think "prosecuting individuals who use a gun in a crime" is the solution to gun violence.
  • 179 - Words in the 10 Commandments; 26,911 Words in the U.S. Government regulations on the *sales* of cabbage.
  • 39, 26 & 19 - Percentage increase in Armed robbery, Armed assault and gun-related Homicide since the Austrailian government spent $400 Million to compensate citizens who surrendered their 660,000 Guns. Source - Sydney Morning Hearld.
  • 9,120 to 1 - Odds that you will be accidentally killed by your physician rather than the average gun owner. (Average accidental "death by doctor" rate per doctor - .171/year. Average accidental "death by gun owner" rate per gun owner .0000188/year. (Source - U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services).
  • 660,783 - Number of hand-guns that the ATF says were imported from Sweeden in 1998. 783 - Revised ATF numbers for the same source/time-frame.
  • 42 - Laws broken by Kleibold and Harris during the Columbine mess.
  • 15,517 - Number of homicides in 2000. (Down 14 from 1999) 66% - committed with a hand gun.
  • 70.7% - Percentage of homicides in the age range of 14 to 24 committed with a handgun (sound like gangs?). Highest was 17 to 19 with 76.3% (yes, sounds like gangs).
  • 49.93 - Percentage of the total 1999 homicides by handgun committed by a person between 14 and 24. (REALLY sounds like gangs).
  • 18 Years - The age that the largest number of homicide victims are. The percentage of victims of homicide rises with age to the age 18, declining thereafter. (Source - Brueau of Justice Statistics).

    The following is from the FBI Uniform Crime Report

  • 150.02 - Average roberies per 100,000 citizens (all U.S.)
  • 240.08 - New York State robery rate

    Maryland - Almost number 1 "Gun unfriendlyest state"

  • Almost number 1 - "Most violent State in the U.S."
  • Number 1 - Highest robery rate in the U.S. (263.7 per 100,000 citizens)
  • Number 4 - Forth place in the U.S. for most violent crime (up from number 5 last year)