Some kind of
Smoke Screen!


Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death and disease. Cigarettes cause more deaths than cocaine, auto accidents, AIDS, alcohol, heroin, fire, suicide and homicide combined.

The costs to our society include over 400,000 lives lost every year in the U.S.-- over 1200 each day -- and $50 billion annually in lost productivity and increased health care costs. Worldwide, the toll exacted by tobacco use is two to three million deaths each year. Of the world's 1.2 billion smokers, the world health Organization estimates that 500 million of them will die because of smoking. This means that 9% of people now alive will die from cigarettes (HELLO - that's over 40% of smokers!).


With all of the avoidable deaths detailed above, why do we have people like the "Brady Bunch" (formerly Handgun Control Inc. - you remember, the group that wants to ban "high capacity" magazines because Sarah's husband was shot with a revolver) so concerned about less than point 0036 percent (less than one percent of one percent) that many people being hurt by firearms? I can easily understand wanting to help prevent unnecessary deaths, but if you choose to work at that effort why the hell don't you work on the one or three items that WILL produce the most benifit to the largest number of people?

If the people who spend so much time, effort, and money at anti-gun propaganda were to expend just half that much at anti-smoking, there would literally be hundreds of thousands more people benifit.

I can only conclude that they are not really interested in helping others but rather want to make everyone else conform to their own warped set of values. A set of values that ignores the Constitution, ignores fact, and has NOTHING to do with helping others!

Why Not?

In place of simply listening to people that ignore our Constitution to "save" one or two lives (Do they really want us to believe that all of the armed service people that died in service to our country sacrificed their lives for nothing?), why not instead inform yourself on the issue.

Listed below are a few of the web sites available that have accurate information for your use. Please avail yourself of this knowledge and use it to make an informed decision.

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