VX-5 Programming

For those of you that have a Yaesu VX-5 and the programming software I found a bug in the import/export sub routines. When you add that to the edit problems in the main routine, it was marginally usable.

The easy way to program ALL of the memories (or, at least the same number each time) is to program in at least one example of the unique configurations you need (memory skip, non standard offset, tone encode, tone encode/decode, etc.) and export the information.

The next step is where the "bug" is. The software allows for different encode and decode sub audibles. If you are using the same frequency for encode and decode (most places do) there is an extra field inserted in the header which makes it impossible to reload the information correctly. EASY fix. Delete the "Decode Frequency" indicator from the header line (first line in the file). That's it! With that change you can now edit an ASCII text file and put in all of the information you want and load the VX-5 with the entire set in less than one minute.

Amazing how such a small item can make such a difference.