Not Politically Correct

Latest update: 12/28/17 - HELL NO I'm not going to tell you where!

The following pages are thoughts, comments and observations on training in ECom. MANY if not all of them are not politicly correct in either language (some profanity - not much but some) or in the way concepts are presented.

If a lack of politial correctness offends you, READ NO FURTHER! From here on, if I or the others that have contributed material, think someone is an ass, we will say so. If you have royally screwed up in the past and have not made concious effort to correct those screw-ups, you NEED this material. If you have tried to correct the errors and have still not gotten it right, you REALLY need this material.

Political Correctness has a worthwhile place in ECom! HOWEVER, when it fails to "meet the needs and goals" it is time for these Items for your consideration:

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